888starz Terms and Conditions

  • 888starz is a bookmaker that takes bets on sports and other global events.
  • Only those who are 18 years old or older (if the age of majority in their state is more than 18) may place bets and accept the bookmaker’s betting guidelines. Any infringement of this rule will result in liability for the customer.
  • The following people are not permitted to wager:

– those who, at the time of placement, are younger than 18 years old;

– those who directly take part in the activities that are the subject of bets (sportsmen, coaches, referees, club owners or management, or any those with the ability to affect the outcome of the event), as well as anyone representing them or partnering with them;

– those who work for other bookmakers;

– people who, according to the applicable laws, are not allowed to sign a contract with a bookmaker.

  • In some countries (such as the USA, the UK, Cyprus, the Netherlands, France, Dutch West Indies, Curacao, etc.), it may be illegal to access and/or use the Website (including any or all of the products sold through the Website). We do not want users of our website to be able to use it for gambling, sports betting, or any other kind of gambling activities if they live in a place where those activities are prohibited.
  • The availability of our website in such a nation and/or jurisdiction, as well as the ability to see it in any of those nations’ official language, cannot be regarded as formal approval or legitimate justification for utilizing our website, making deposits into your account, or taking profits out of it. 
  • The fact that the website is available does not imply that it encourages or proposes using or subscribing to betting, gambling, or any other service in any area where these activities are prohibited.
  • You assure us that gambling is legal in the area where you live. It is your responsibility to ascertain whether using the Website and/or accessing it in accordance with any applicable laws in your region. Make sure your actions are lawful in the jurisdiction in which you reside before creating an account or using our website. Additionally, you affirm and consent that, prior to registering on our website, you obtained legal counsel. We reserve the right to close your account and return any money that is still in it at the time of closure (less any winnings that were credited after your most recent deposit was made) if we learn that you live in a nation where using our website is prohibited.
  • Customers who do not follow these rules may have their bets refused by the bookmaker. If a customer betrays public order or social norms of behavior, the bookmaker has the authority to refuse to take any kind of wager from them.
  • The bookmaker has the power to decline any person’s wager without providing an explanation. The information supplied by the processing center will be the basis for settling all wagers.
  • The bettor will get their winnings within thirty (30) calendar days of the most recent event’s results being officially published on the bet slip.
  • The bettor is required to verify that the winnings are accurate upon getting the returns. If the bettor has any disagreements about the profits, they must notify the bookmaker in writing, providing details such as their account number, the date, time, event, stake, selection, odds, and the reasons behind their disagreements. Within ten (10) days, wins claims may be submitted. Enclosed must be supporting and substantiating documents for the complaint.
  • If the complaint does not have enough merit, it will be returned without investigation. After the game ends, all bet calculation claims for Cyber-Live games are acknowledged within 72 hours.
  • A wager made by the client will be considered successful if all of the outcomes indicated in the wager have been accurately forecasted.
  • Terms related to betting (odds, handicaps, totals, maximum stake limits, etc.) could change after a bet has been placed, but this doesn’t change the terms that were in place at the time the bet was made. The consumer must verify that there have been no modifications to the present pre-match markets before finalizing any arrangements.
  • Subject to the foregoing, the parties agree that any disagreements regarding the execution and enforcement of a betting arrangement between the bookmaker and the customer (contract party), including payouts, outcomes, odds, and other material terms of the arrangement, as well as the declaration of such arrangement null and void, will be resolved by serving a complaint to the other party (pre-trial procedure). Within ten days, the party that believes their rights have been violated must give the other party a formal claim.
  • A party alleging a violation of their rights must serve the other party with a written complaint as part of the pre-trial process. When a complaint is filed against a bookmaker, it must be sent to the address listed for the bookmaker’s registered office in its component documents, along with a statement from the public register of enterprises supporting it. A complaint must always be delivered to the customer’s (contract party’s) place of abode (or place of stay).
  • Only if the event in question is cancelled or if bets on it are not settled by the bookmaker will bets on Esports Live returned in the event of technical difficulties, incomplete broadcasts, etc.
  • The bookmaker reserves the right to declare bets void if an employee accepts a bet incorrectly (clear typos on the schedule of events, odds discrepancies between the bet and the betting markets offered, etc.), if a bet is accepted against these terms, or if there are other signs that the bet is incorrect. Such wagers will pay out returns at odds of 1.
  • Should the odds be blatantly incorrect, the wager will be settled using the outcome at the market-specific effective odds.
  • The company reserves the right to block bets on sporting events before the official conclusion of an international organization and to declare bets null and void if it is found that there was an unsportsmanlike game. This is done in the case that suspicions are raised about the unsportsmanlike format of matches. These wagers are paid out with odds of “1”. Customers are not required to hear the administration’s justifications and conclusions.
  • In addition to being dedicated to upholding fair play in sports, 888starzis is also fully aware of the connections between organized crime, transnational and cross-border organized crime, and organized match fixing, among other criminal acts, and the manipulation of sporting events. As a result, 888starz complies completely with all applicable legal requirements as well as the aims and principal objectives of the “Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions” (CETS No. 215).
  • Any suspicion or confirmation of match-fixing or foul play, bets made using a customer’s account by another person, the use of a customer’s account by a third party, or any unusual betting activity (i.e., variations in the kind, size, volume, and style of bets) give the bookmaker the right to void bets.
  • The phrase “foul play” describes any other infraction of the relevant sport’s regulations as well as the favorite purposefully losing a match or engaging in match fixing as that term is defined under the competition’s rules for financial, competitive, or other reasons.
  • A party alleging that their rights have been violated may file a lawsuit, with the appropriate court being the nation where the bookmaker has its registered office, if the receiving party does not take action on the complaint within the allotted time frame.
  • Customers will be informed of any changes to these rules. Bets accepted after the deadline will be governed by the updated Rules. Previous wagers won’t alter.
  • A bet cannot be canceled if there is a connection issue during the confirmation process. The act of placing a wager signifies the customer’s acceptance and agreement to these betting rules.
  • Only the outcomes announced by the bookmaker will be used to settle bets and calculate winnings. Official documentation from the relevant sports federations and any grievances regarding the event’s date, results, or real start time will be taken into consideration.
  • The bookmaker will not take into consideration any complaints pertaining to or resulting from transliteration (or translation) of a team name, player’s last name, or sports venue. The only purpose of a tournament title is convenience. A stake refund will not be granted for any errors in a tournament title.
  • Customers who have registered may only have one account. Only one account per household, residence, IP address, email address, credit/debit card, e-wallet, or electronic payment method may be registered by customers. Individuals who are in any other way connected to a client will not be permitted to register on the website.
  • No existing customer may register again as a new one (using a different name, email address, etc.). The submission of someone else’s, falsified, or duplicate registration (including enrolling under a new identity), as well as documents that have been altered using software or a graphic editor, several T&C violations by the Betting Company uncertainties regarding the customer’s identity or the accuracy of the information they have submitted (such as their address, credit/debit card information, and other data) any fraud, whether it be from you or someone else working for you or in concert with you, including but not restricted to:

a) Rake or refund fraud

b) Using a fraudulent or stolen bank card as a means of obtaining money

c) any actions you have taken or attempted to take that could be lawfully deemed unlawful in any relevant jurisdiction, whether or not these actions were done knowingly or with the intent to deceive and/or avoid legal restrictions, and whether or not they ultimately result in loss or damage to your account.

  • The client was aware of the outcome of the event when they made their wager. Because they acted on behalf of the participants or because they were directly involved in the match (sportspeople, coaches, officials, etc.), the consumer had the ability to affect how an event turned out.
  • A collective of bettors acting as a syndicate placed bets with the intention of surpassing the bookmaker’s limit and collaborating with other bettors to gain an unfair edge through bonus programs or other promotions that we may run.
  • The bettor is suspected of using specialized software or hardware that makes automated betting possible, such as using bugs, errors, or glitches in our software in relation to the services we provide (including betting); using rogue devices, software, or analytical systems, such as software that lets you place bets without the need for human intervention (like bots); etc.
  • Unfair methods of any kind were employed to get information or get past the company’s limits. The management of the organization has the right, at its sole discretion, to seek any documents from the bettor that support their identification or any other information they may have submitted (such as their residence address or passport details). They may even choose to withhold payment until all of these details have been confirmed.
  • The management of the company maintains the right to ask for the papers to be provided by mail or to hold a video conference as part of the identity verification procedure. Verification could take up to 72 hours after the documents are received. The customer can receive the results of the video conference five working days following the video conference. The company is entitled to take any reasonable action, such as canceling all bets and suspending all transactions while they conduct their investigation, if it is shown that the data provided is fraudulent. After requesting any necessary documents for the verification process, they will be able to proceed with the full account verification.
  • The company maintains the right to invalidate the customer’s bets (including bets made from duplicate accounts) if they refuse to submit to verification. Additionally, until the account holder is identified and their deposit methods are verified, the management retains the right to take any reasonable actions, such as but not limited to blocking the account and freezing the available cash.
  • In exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to permit you to continue using the primary account and recognize it as legitimate, in which case all wagers made from the secondary account will be nullified. The company reserves the right to block or terminate the secondary account(s) (the decision is made for each specific case individually, according to the extent of the violation).
  • The customer is in charge of maintaining the confidentiality of their account number and password, which they were given upon registration. Every wager that is registered with the bookmaker will be accepted. The cancellation of bets will be governed by these rules. In the unlikely event that a third party obtains the customer’s login credentials, the customer should notify the bookmaker and change their email password as well as their username. You are not allowed to give any third party access to your cash withdrawal or phone number change codes.
  • The account holder attests that they are the only ones who have access to the account. The account holder will be solely responsible for maintaining access to the account, even if it is handled by a third party.
  • Any breach of the previously stated paragraphs will result in the bettor being held accountable. Should these Rules be violated, the bookmaker reserves the right to refuse to pay any winnings or to refund stakes, as well as to cancel any bets. The bookmaker shall not be liable in relation to the moment when they become aware that the customer falls within any of the aforementioned categories. This means that the bookmaker shall be entitled to take the above measures at any time once they have become aware that the customer is an individual who can be designated as above.
  • In no event shall the bookmaker 888starz be held liable to the Customer for any indirect, collateral, or incidental losses or damages (including loss of profit), even though they may have been notified that such losses or damages are likely to occur.
  • If an account is inactive for 3 months, the Company reserves the right to block it. To unblock an account, please contact our Security Team at security.
  • The bookmaker reserves the right to update these Rules and add new provisions at any time. Such new rules or amendments shall take effect immediately after publication on the website.