888starz Cookie

When you use the 888starz Bangladesh website, the company, with the permission of users, may store certain information on the device you are using. This information is called Cookies. Cookies are text files that are stored on your device while you visit the 888starz portal and use the operator’s service. The operator 888starz also uses so-called flash Cookies, which are similar to browser Cookies. They help 888starz to analyse and remember your preferences to store data to provide your preferred content on the platform. Whilst information is collected through Cookies and flash Cookies, these Cookies cannot be used to gain access to the device you are using, or the information available on it. These files are used by the company only to track the use of services and services by remembering user preferences. Through the use of Cookies and flash Cookies, 888starz tracks user traffic on the site, improves the user experience, simplifies access to the platform, increases user interest in the platform, and shows users the most relevant and preferred adverts.

Important Cookies

Important and necessary Cookies, without which users simply cannot use the site effectively, are used by 888starz to allow users to move around the site and utilise platform features, including accessing secure areas of the website or making financial transactions.


During registration on the platform, 888starz also collects information about users through the use of Cookies. These cookies help the company learn more about the customer, find out their online interests and preferences, and provide the services they need.

Types of Cookies used at 888strarz

The 888starz platform uses three types of Cookies to collect information about users:

Cookies are only stored on the device you are using for the duration of your visit to the site. When you close your browser, the Cookie is automatically deleted. These Cookies help you navigate through the site more quickly. It also enables the company to provide relevant and appropriate information to registered users.These Cookies and Flash Cookies will remain on the device you are using for a certain period, set for each Cookie separately.With these Cookies, the company will be able to recognise and count the number of visitors to the site and see how they use the services the company provides. This allows the 888starz operator to improve the performance of our sites, for example by making it easy for you to log in and find what you are looking for.

Using a Web browser

Some web browsers automatically accept Cookies. If you wish, you can change the settings of the browser you are using to control your Cookies.

888starz users may use the web browser for the following purposes about Cookies:

  • Deleting all files;
  • Blocking all files;
  • Allow all files;
  • Blocking third-party files;
  • Delete all files when you close the browser;
  • Selecting the “private browsing”/”incognito” mode, which will allow you to browse the Internet without saving local data;
  • Installing browser extensions and plug-ins.

Prohibiting the acceptance of Cookies

Users who have completely blocked the acceptance of all Cookies in the browser they are using will not be able to use certain resources and services on the 888starz platform. Moreover, some services will not work properly. For example, the 888starz website will not store the selected language version or the preferred currency of the main account.