About 888starz – Bookmaker Company

Welcome to 888Starz About Us, a story about a revolutionary gambling platform that combines cutting-edge technology with a wide range of entertainment options. Founded in 2020, 888Starz has quickly become a prominent player in the international gambling market. Offering a unique blend of traditional betting and cryptocurrencies, the platform is redefining the way players think about gambling and entertainment.

Information About 888Starz

Detailed information about the bookmaker 888Starz.

888Starz is a pioneer in the industry, offering much more than the standard gambling and betting offerings. Unlike traditional platforms, the company goes beyond the ordinary by providing access to a state-of-the-art site where users from over 90 countries can enjoy the latest entertainment. Features of 888Starz:

  • Around 40 cryptocurrency methods are available for seamless deposits and fast withdrawals.
  • Extensive online casino with thousands of premium games, including live dealers.
  • Daily sportsbook updates covering local and international events.
  • Dedicated betting sections for virtual and cyber sports.
  • Round-the-clock player support.
  • A free mobile app makes these offers available to iOS and Android users.

888Starz Partners

Partners of the bookmaker 888Starz.

At 888Starz, partnering goes beyond the conventional model and aims to build collaborative relationships that allow 888Starz partners to thrive in the gambling industry. 

The 888Starz Partners program is not tied to traditional structures that limit your earnings. During the first three months of operation, you will be able to earn at least 25% of your initial income, and you can increase it to 50% by taking advantage of the VIP terms.

Partnering with 888Starz opens the door to a diverse portfolio that includes 888Sports, 888Casino, and 888Esports. With a presence in over 90 Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 countries, your marketing efforts are able to capture the attention of a global audience, ensuring high conversion rates.

A unique player reward system ensures high customer retention rates, allowing you to capitalize on the long customer lifetime value of your customers. Unlike the traditional 3-4 month period, working with 888Starz partners offers the prospect of unlimited customer lifetime value (LTV), ensuring a constant revenue stream over the long term.

Within the framework of cooperation with 888Starz, you get a full set of first-class marketing tools. From advertising resources to customized design and information for your promotional activities, the company is committed to supporting your marketing initiatives and contributing to your success.


What is 888Starz, and what makes it different from other gambling platforms?

888Starz is a cutting-edge gambling platform that was launched in 2020. The distinctive feature is the integration of blockchain technology, so that not only traditional betting and gambling games are offered but also access to a state-of-the-art DeFi site. This unique approach allows users to participate in crypto games and sports tournaments, accumulate tokens, and trade them, which differentiates it from its competitors.

How can users earn with 888Starz Partners token accumulation system?

At 888Starz, every user becomes a shareholder by accumulating tokens. Regardless of successful or unsuccessful bets, users receive tokens, which can lead to passive income over time. This innovative system allows players to benefit even if their bets are not always successful, creating an opportunity for steady income.