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Being one of the most popular and beloved cricket tournaments among fans all over the world, the Indian Premier League is displayed for betting at the 888starz service for users from India. Both the official 888starz website and the mobile app provide the entire IPL match list 2024, making your cricket betting experience a pure pleasure. All services offered at 888starz are completely legal, as the bookmaker operates under the Curacao eGaming international license, adhering to the laws of authorities. Thus, every user from India over the age of 18 can join 888starz and start betting on IPL cricket matches, as well as many other sports and eSports events. Register at 888starz India today, get a lucrative welcome bonus of 100% up to INR 8,000, and start betting and winning on IPL 2024!

History of IPL

History of The Indian Premier League (IPL)

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the highest-rated and anticipated cricket events among cricket fans around the world, including India. Established in 2008 to showcase the world’s top cricket players, attract a global audience, and provide a platform for new talents, IPL debuted with 8 teams from various cities across India in the Twenty20 cricket tournament. Since then, IPL quickly has gained popularity and evolved into one of the most lucrative and massive cricket events worldwide, attracting millions of fans with the opportunity to bet and win big. That is why every cricket lover will find all the betting options needed for perfect cricket betting on each IPL game on the 888starz website and mobile app.

Tournament Format

IPL tournament format: games available for betting at 888starz

The IPL tournament has a unique and exciting format that combines all the major cricket elements, making it one of the most popular sports leagues around the world. Here is a key overview of the IPL format:

  • Teams: the IPL consists of eight teams that represent various cities or regions of India. Each IPL team is privately owned and operates independently within the framework set by the IPL governing council;
  • Round-robin format: the IPL tournament follows a double round-robin league format where every team plays every other team twice in the league stage. This format guarantees a fair and comprehensive competition that allows teams to show their skills in both home and away cricket matches;
  • Playoffs: After the IPL final, the top four teams in the points table advance to the playoffs, which consist of three elimination matches: the top two teams at the end of the league stage compete, so the winner advances directly to the finals, and the loser gets another chance in the second qualifier. The third and fourth place teams from the league stage play against each other, and the winner also advances to the second qualifier;
  • Final: the IPL final match is played between the winners of qualifying matches, where the IPL champion is determined at the end of the season;
  • Points System: teams earn points that are based on the performance in each IPL match: a win earns two points, a tie or no result earns one point, and a loss earns no points, so the league standings are determined by the total number of points earned by each team;
  • Tiebreakers: if the teams finish with the same number of points, multiple tiebreakers are applied to determine their position in the standings in the following order: net run rate (NRR), head-to-head record, number of wins, and other criteria set by the IPL governing council.

Overall, the IPL format provides an exciting and competitive tournament that keeps fans engaged throughout the season, attracting more and more fans throughout the world.

IPL Teams 2024

In 2024, the Indian Premier League continues to feature eight teams, each of which represents a different city or region in India. Here is a brief overview of each IPL team 2024:

  • Chennai Super Kings (CSK). Based in Chennai, CSK is one of the most successful IPL teams. Thus, CSK has a strong fan base and is known for its brilliant performance in the league;
  • Delhi Capitals (DC). Formerly known as Delhi Daredevils, the team has rebranded and is now called Delhi Capitals. Based in Delhi, the team  has an emphasis on young talent and aggressive cricket;
  • Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). Owned by Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, the KKR team is based in Kolkata. The team has won the IPL title multiple times and boasts a mix of international stars and local talents;
  • Mumbai Indians (MI). The most successful team in the IPL history, Mumbai Indians has an impressive squad and a loyal fan base. Led by Rohit Sharma, the MI team has consistently performed well in the tournament, winning several titles;
  • Punjab Kings (PBKS). Previously named Kings XI Punjab, this team has rebranded itself to be known as Punjab Kings. Based in Mohali, the team combines promise and inconsistency, aiming for more success in the league;
  • Rajasthan Royals (RR). Based in Jaipur, the Rajasthan Royals team was one of the first in the IPL. Known for young talents, RR has a history record of unexpected performances in the tournament;
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). Led by Virat Kohli, the RCB team is known for their passionate fans and stellar lineup. Despite having a strong lineup, RCB are yet to win the IPL title, making them permanent pretenders;
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH). Based in Hyderabad, SRH has become a competitive IPL team. In recent seasons, SRH has found success through reliable bowling and aggressive batting.

Each IPL team not only competes on the field, but also attracts fans all over the world, making a special atmosphere around the IPL tournament. 

Players and stars

The most popular IPL players to bet on at 888starz

Each IPL team consists of domestic and international players, gathering cricket talents from all over the world. Thus, it has produced numerous stars who have captured the imagination of fans worldwide. Here is the IPL team 2024 players list of the most prominent stars:

  • Virat Kohli (Royal Challengers Bangalore): Kohli is often considered as one of the greatest batsmen of all time, as he has been the face of the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) team since the inception of the IPL. He owns several records in the IPL tournament, including the record for the most balls scored among all players;
  • Rohit Sharma (Mumbai Indians): Captain of the Mumbai Indians (MI) team, Sharma is known for his elegant play and leadership qualities. He has led the MI team to multiple IPL titles and is one of the most successful captains in the history of the tournament;
  • MS Dhoni (Chennai Super Kings): Dhoni is known as ‘Captain Cool’, synonymous with the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) team. As captain, he has led CSK to numerous IPL titles, admired for his calm demeanor and game finishing abilities.
  • AB de Villiers (Royal Challengers Bangalore): Often referred to as ‘Mr. 360’, de Villiers is known for his innovative batting and amazing athleticism on the field. He has been a key player for RCB, delivering winning performances with both bat and gloves.
  • David Warner (Sunrisers Hyderabad): The explosive Australian striker has been a consistent performer for Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), leading the team with his aggressive play. Warner has won the Orange Cap (awarded to the top run-scorer) in the IPL on multiple occasions.
  • Chris Gayle (Various Teams): The ‘Universal Boss’ has entertained fans with his powerful hitting for various IPL teams including Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Punjab Kings. Gayle holds several records in IPL, including the highest individual score;
  • Jasprit Bumrah (Mumbai Indians): Renowned for his outstanding bowling action and pinpoint accuracy, Bumrah is the core of the Mumbai Indians bowling attack. He is regarded one of the best bowlers in the world and has played a significant role in MI’s success.
  • Andre Russell (Kolkata Knight Riders): Russell is known for his raw batting power and ability to single-handedly change the course of a game. He has won a match-winner for Kolkata Knight Riders due to his explosive hitting and handy ball possession.

These IPL players, among others, have not only excelled on the cricket field but have also become real icons in the world of cricket, inspiring millions of fans with their performances in the IPL tournaments and beyond.

IPL Schedule 2024

Schedule of all IPL matches available for betting at 888starz Bangladesh

The much-awaited Indian Premier League is approaching, and cricket fans are eager to know the IPL match schedule 2024 of cricket games. Thus, 888starz provides on the bookmaker’s website and mobile app all the IPL matches for pre-match and Live betting with dates and venues to make your cricket betting experience as enjoyable as possible. Below, a detailed table displaying the IPL match list 2024 is provided for familiarizing with:

Match 1Chennai Super Kings VS Royal Challengers Bangalore22 March, 20245:30 p.m.Chennai
Match 2Punjab Kings VS Delhi Capitals23 March, 20241:30 p.m.Mohali
Match 3Kolkata Knight Riders VS Sunrisers Hyderabad23 March, 20245:00 p.m.Kolkata
Match 4Rajasthan Royals VS Lucknow Super Giants24 March, 20241:00 p.m.Jaipur
Match 5Gujarat Titans VS Mumbai Indians24 March, 20245:00 p.m.Ahmedabad
Match 6Royal Challengers Bangalore VS Punjab Kings25 March, 20245:00 p.m.Bengaluru
Match 7Chennai Super Kings VS Gujarat Titans26 March, 20245:00 p.m.Chennai
Match 8Sunrisers Hyderabarad VS Mumbai Indians27 March, 20245:00 p.m.Hyderabarad
Match 9Rajasthan Royals VS Delhi Capitals28 March, 20245:00 p.m.Jaipur
Match 10Royal Challengers Bangalore VS Kolkata Knight Riders29 March, 20245:00 p.m.Bengaluru
Match 11Lucknow Super Giants VS Punjab Kings 30 March, 20245:00 p.m.Lucknow
Match 12Gujarat Titans VS Sunrisers Hyderabard31 March, 20241:00 p.m.Ahmedabad
Match 13Delhi Capitals VS Chennai Super Kings31 March, 20245:00 p.m.Visakhapatnam
Match 14Mumbai Indians VS Rajasthan Royals1 April, 20245:00 p.m.Mumbai
Match 15Royal Challengers Bangalore VS Lucknow Super Giants2 April, 20245:00 p.m.Bengaluru
Match 16Delhi Capitals VS Kolkata Knight Riders3 April, 20245:00 p.m.Visakhapatnam
Match 17Gujarat Titans VS Punjab Kings4 April, 20245:00 p.m.Ahmedabad
Match 18Sunrisers Hyderabarad VS Chennai Super Kings5 April, 20245:00 p.m.Hyderabarad
Match 19Rajasthan Royals VS Royal Challengers Bangalore6 April, 20245:00 p.m.Jaipur
Match 20Mumbai Indians VS Delhi Capitals 7 April, 20241:00 p.m.Mumbai
Match 21Lucknow Super Giants VS Gujarat Titans7 April, 20245:00 p.m.Lucknow

Planned events

Planned IPL events other than matches available for betting

In addition to planned cricket matches, IPL usually holds various planned events to enhance the overall experience of the fans, players, and bettors during the season. Here are some common IPL planned events:

  • The grand opening ceremony including musical performances, celebrity appearances, and various entertainments;
  • Fan engagement events are often organized such as meet-and-greets, autograph sessions, fan zones, and contests to interact with cricket lovers and create a sense of community;
  • Charity initiatives and social responsibility programs such as fundraising, awareness campaigns, and partnerships with non-governmental organizations are held to help the community on the highest level;
  • Player auction is held before the first IPL match 2024, where teams put up players for sale to form their squads. The auction is a highly anticipated event and attracts the attention of millions of fans, media, and cricket experts as teams strategize on how to acquire players.

These and many other events are planned to highlight the IPL and engage fans to enjoy the tournament to the fullest.

Economic impact from the IPL tournament

Impact of IPL on Bangladesh, India and World Economy

The Indian Premier League has a significant economic impact not only on the cricket industry but also on various sectors of the economy in India and around the world. The significant revenue is generated by the IPL due to media and broadcasting rights, sponsorship and advertising, ticket sales, tourism draw, job creation, merchandising and licensing, and many other ways. Overall, the economic impact of the IPL extends well beyond the cricket pitch, stimulating economic growth, increasing consumer spending, and creating new opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. The immense popularity and commercial success of the IPL tournament enlarges its importance as a major driver of economic activity in India and worldwide.

Social impact of Organising the IPL Tournament

In addition to its economic impact, the IPL has a significant social impact, influencing various aspects of society and contributing to community development in a variety of ways, such as promoting inclusivity and diversity, engaging community and outreach, boosting local economies and creating employment opportunities across India, and promoting sports culture and healthy living worldwide. All these efforts focus on areas such as education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, and development, and are designed to positively impact society and empower communities. Also, IPL players serve as role models for young fans, promoting values such as sportsmanship, perseverance, and teamwork to IPL fans in India and all around the world. 

Betting in IPL

IPL betting at online bookmaker 888starz bangladesh

Betting on the Indian Premier League has become an important aspect of the tournament, adding an extra level of excitement and engagement for cricket fans. With each season, the IPL continues to captivate bettors with its combination of cricketing skill, entertainment, and drama, making IPL betting a pure pleasure and fun. Thus, 888starz provides all the features needed for a perfect betting experience on IPL in pre-match and Live modes. Below is an overview of key aspects of IPL betting available on the 888starz website and in the mobile app.

IPL Betting Odds

Betting odds play an important role in IPL betting, as they indicate the probability of a particular match outcome and help bettors estimate the potential profit from their bets. Understanding how betting odds work is crucial for making decisions and identifying profitable bets in the IPL. By interpreting odds effectively and considering various factors affecting them, 888starz users can enhance their chances of success in IPL betting.

Types of IPL Betting Odds

888starz offers plenty of betting markets for IPL matches, as well as highest odds on the main markets, which makes the 888starz service so special for getting extra earnings. Cricket has a separate tab in the ‘Sports’ section with current statistics, where all the current odds and cricket betting markets are displayed for each IPL event, and can be easily accessed from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. So, at 888starz bets can be placed on the following types of IPL betting odds:

  • The Winner of the Match: the most popular IPL betting market where you choose which team will win the match; 
  • Best Batsman: in this IPL betting market, you need to predict which batsman will score the most goals in a cricket match;
  • Best Bowler: here you need to predict which player will take the most wickets in a cricket match;
  • Total Runs/Total Wickets: this IPL market involves predicting whether the total runs scored or total wickets taken in an IPL match will be over or under a specified value;
  • Man of the Match: in this betting market, you need to suppose who will perform the best in the IPL match and as a result win the ‘Man of the Match’ award;
  • Method of Dismissal: this IPL market involves predicting the method by which a particular batsman will be dismissed, such as caught, bowled, lbw (leg before wicket), run out, or stumped;
  • Match Handicap: in this betting market, one team is given a virtual advantage or disadvantage in the number of runs before the match starts. Bettors can place bets on whether the favored team will win more than the handicap, or whether the underdog will play better than expected;
  • Outright Winner: before the IPL season starts, 888starz offers bettors odds on which team will win the IPL trophy at the final IPL match 2024 date.

These and many other IPL betting odds provide cricket fans with the widest range of opportunities to participate in the tournament and make predictions on various aspects of the matches. So, 888starz users should carefully study the odds and do thorough research to have the best IPL betting experience.

IPL Betting Tips and Strategies

Whether you are a beginner or a professional in the cricket industry, betting on IPL events carries some risks, so responsible betting practices should always be followed. Here are some winning strategies and tips for 888starz betting that can help you bet successfully on IPL:

  • Understand the format. Familiarize yourself with the IPL format, including the league structure, teams, players, and match dynamics. Understanding all the strengths and weaknesses of different IPL teams and players will help you make more successful betting decisions.
  • Study the cricket statistics. 888starz provides updated statistics for every IPL cricket event, allowing each user to study all about IPL match and predict the most common results before placing a bet;
  • Check the betting markets and odds. When betting on IPL, the odds for each betting market are set by professional sports experts, so they can be thoroughly analyzed before IPL betting;
  • Watch Live Streaming. Live betting on IPL matches is supported by Live Streaming, which aids you in following the game in real time, making decisions depending on what is happening on the pitch, catching the highest odds, and betting at the right moment of the game;
  • Analyze the toss probability. Several factors should be taken into account: weather and field conditions, any changes in players, previous decisions in current IPL matches, etc.
  • Monitor the pitch report. The reports about the pitch condition should be researched before placing a bet, as it is an essential factor in an IPL match;
  • Check the weather forecast. The results of an IPL game are directly influenced by weather conditions such as rain, wind, dew, or thunderstorms, so you should be aware of the weather forecast while betting on IPL;
  • Keep track of the latest team news. Check all the latest news about the IPL teams, key players and their performances, team form, etc. to make the right betting decision. 
  • Monitor your bankroll. The best advice is to manage your budget and avoid chasing losses or trying to bet more than you can afford to lose, as there is no 100% guarantee of winning while betting on IPL;
  • Bet responsibly. Betting should be seen as fun and entertainment, but it is important to do it responsibly. Avoid betting under the influence of alcohol, drugs or emotions, and know when to have a break if betting becomes compulsive or harmful to your financial well-being.

Using these strategies when betting on IPL will help you make a successful bet because 888starz provides all the features you need to win: current statistics, Live Streaming, the wide list of provided bets, odds, and markets, so you can improve your betting experience and increase your potential chances of long-term success while betting on IPL at 888starz.

How to bet on an IPL tournament

Instructions on how to start betting on IPL at 888starz

On 888starz, every user from India must go through the registration first to place bets on the IPL tournament for real money. Below, detailed instructions on how to bet on IPL on the 888starz service are provided:


Open the 888starz website in any available browser on a PC or mobile device; 


Click on the green ‘Registration’ button in the top right corner of the main page, and choose one of the provided methods on how to register a personal account;


Fill out the registration form with the required personal information, enter the promo code in case you have one, and confirm the registration;


If you already own a personal account, log in to it by clicking on the red ‘Login’ button at the upper right corner of the main page and entering ID or email and password that were used during the registration process, and confirm it;


Replenish your balance account by clicking on the ‘Deposit’ button at the top right of the page, choosing a convenient payment method from the provided list, entering the banking details and deposit amount, and confirming the transaction;


Open the ‘Sports’ section at the header of the page, click on the ‘Cricket’ tab on the left-hand side of the screen, and choose the inquiring IPL game from the list of available matches;


Click on the IPL match you would like to bet on to open the bet slip;


Choose the outcome and odds, and enter the amount you want to bet on;


Click on the ‘Make Bet’ button to confirm the placement of your bet.

When these steps are completed, your bet will be placed. If your prediction about the IPL match is successful and your bet wins, your gain will be automatically credited to your balance account, where you will be able to withdraw the money or continue enjoying betting on the 888starz service.

IPL Betting App from 888starz

888starz bangladesh mobile app for IPL betting

To enhance the convenience and accessibility of betting on the IPL tournament, 888starz offers a free mobile application for Android and iOS devices. The 888starz mobile app enables users to place bets on cricket and other sports and eSports anytime and anywhere, as well as provides full access to online casino gambling. Compatible with all modern smartphones and tablets, the 888starz app requires moderate system requirements, and provides a simple interface that mirrors the bookmaker’s website with the highest level of performance. This user-friendly design ensures easy navigation, both for beginners and professionals in the gambling industry. After downloading and installing the IPL game app, users from India can register, log in, make deposits and withdrawals, and bet on IPL matches from their mobile devices at any convenient time and place.

How to Download IPL Betting App

Mobile users have the opportunity to use the comprehensive 888starz mobile application designed for both Android and iOS devices. The IPL game apk can be easily downloaded and installed free of charge directly from the 888starz website. Offering the same features as the website itself, the 888starz app ensures a top-notch level of functionality, granting users full access to sports betting and online casino games wherever and whenever they desire. To acquire the IPL game download and install the 888starz app on your mobile device,  follow the step-by-step instructions provided below:


Access the 888starz website using the browser on your mobile device;


Navigate to the upper left corner of the page and click on the ‘Mobile Application’ button;


Choose the appropriate icon (Android or iOS) based on your smartphone’s operating system;


Consent to download the APK file and patiently wait for it to complete.


Adjust your mobile device settings to permit the installation of third-party apps;


Open the downloaded APK file and confirm the installation of the app. 

Upon completion of these steps, the 888starz app will be readily available for usage on your smartphone’s home screen, enabling you to place bets on IPL events conveniently at any convenient place and time with maximum convenience.

IPL Betting Promotions at 888starz

Promotions and bonuses from 888starz for IPL betting fans

To maximize your potential earnings from betting on the IPL, 888starz offers a range of exclusive bonuses and promotions specifically tailored for cricket betting. Both new and loyal users can benefit from the following 888starz bonuses and promotions to boost their potential winnings when betting on IPL events:

  • A welcome bonus of 100% of up to INR 8,000 for betting on cricket matches is eligible for every new user after registering a new personal account for the first time. To claim this bonus, a new user must register and make an initial deposit of up to INR 800. Upon completing these steps, the 888starz welcome bonus will be automatically credited to his personal account. To withdraw winnings, users must bet 5 times the bonus amount and place accumulator bets with odds of at least 1.40 or higher and include three or more outcomes. Subsequently, the welcome bonus funds will be available for withdrawal or further betting.
  • Bonus for the second deposit of 50% of up to INR 8,000 can be received after logging in to the personal account, making a deposit of up to INR 8,000, and the bonus of 50% of the deposit will be instantly credited to the personal account. To withdraw the gain, you need to bet 5 times the bonus amount in accumulator bets with odds of 1.40 or higher and contain 3 or more events, and the money will be available for withdrawing or further betting;
  • Bonus on sports every Tuesday of 50% of up to INR 8,000 can be received every week after logging in to the personal account, making a deposit of up to INR 8,000, and the bonus of 50% of the deposit will be automatically credited to the personal account. For withdrawing the bonus money, every user needs to bet 5 times the bonus amount in accumulator bets that contain 3 or more events with odds of at least 1.60 or higher within 24 hours, and the gain will be available for withdrawal or further betting;
  • Sports Betting Bonus every Thursday of 100% of up to INR 8,000 is given weekly to all 888starz users. For this, you need to log in and make a deposit of up to INR 8,000, and the bonus of 50% of the deposit will be automatically credited to your personal account. For withdrawing the gain, bet 5 times the bonus amount in accumulator bets that contain 3 or more events with odds of 1.50 or higher within 24 hours, and the money can be withdrawn or used for further betting at 888starz. 

The entire list of current 888starz bonuses and promotions available for IPL betting can be seen in the ‘Bonuses’ section on the 888starz website and in the mobile application.

IPL Betting FAQs

How to place bets on IPL matches at 888starz?

You need to launch the 888starz service or previously downloaded and installed mobile app, register and log in to a personal account, top up your balance account by depositing with one of the provided payment methods, then select an IPL event you are interested in, place your bet, and win big.

Does 888starz accept INR?

Yes, INR is one of the main currencies on the 888starz betting service, as well as many popular payment methods provided for making deposits and withdrawals for users from India.

Can I place bets on the IPL tournament at 888starz on my smartphone?

Yes, there are two ways to use the 888starz betting service via a mobile device: to download and install the 888starz mobile app for Android and iOS devices or to open the 888starz mobile site in any browser available on your smartphone or tablet.

Can I have several accounts at 888starz?

No, 888starz allows users to have and use only one personal account. If multiple accounts are detected, the user will be blocked and their funds will be confiscated.

Can I withdraw my bonus money from 888starz?

Yes, bonus money received at 888starz can be withdrawn, having previously fulfilled the wagering conditions.