Responsible Betting and Gambling at 888Starz India

Gambling and betting issues can cause despair, anxiety, and suicide thoughts and are linked to poor mental health. They can result in bankruptcy or criminality and have a negative impact on employment, school, and family connections. 

Instead of being a means of generating income, betting and gambling ought to be fun pastimes.

Unfortunately, gambling addiction can sometimes result in issues. We take care of our consumers and work hard to offer a service that is dependable and safe for them to use without suffering any negative effects.

Underage betting and gambling (for those who are under the age of 18) is not permitted at our 888starz company.

We do not market our goods and services to children or those who are mentally ill. 

We promise that none of the information in our marketing, sponsorship, or advertising efforts is intended to draw minors to our Service.

Make sure that minors who use your computer do not have access to your usernames, passwords, or financial information.

Software like NetNanny and Cyber Patrol are available for blocking access to betting and gambling.

To ensure that every one of our participants is of legal age, we conduct regular checks to ascertain their ages.

When our checks are unable to verify a customer’s age, we may ask for more information to ensure that the player is of legal age.

Until we obtain the required information and can unmistakably confirm that you are of legal age, personal accounts may be restricted and funds frozen.

Your country’s regulations will define what age is considered to be legal for betting and gambling, which is typically 18.

Customers should be aware that they are responsible for ensuring the validity of their registration on 888starz.

Our marketing initiatives and advertisements do not deceive consumers or inaccurately portray the services we provide. Customers are made aware of any hazards and their odds of winning. Services are offered in exchange for money; excessive spending is not recommended. Please select “Yes” or “No” to the following questions depending on how much of a gambling addiction you have:

  • Are you spending too much money?
  • Do you frequently steal or borrow money to fund your gambling?
  • Have you recently spent less time with your loved ones and family?
  • Have comments from others regarding your use of gambling services begun to annoy you?
  • Have you grown bored with your hobbies or regular leisure pursuits? 
  • Are you experiencing depression or maybe considering suicide as a result of losing?
  • Have you ever used a lie to hide how much time or money you spent gambling?

You probably have a betting/gambling problem if you answered “Yes” to the majority of the questions above.

It’s never too late to recognize that you have a problem with addiction and take action. Since we cherish our clients, we will never exacerbate the issue. Please read the following advice to lower your chance of becoming addicted to betting/gambling:

  • Do not regard your primary source of income as gambling.
  • Set a limit on the amount of money and time you wish to spend, and stay within it.
  • Use only funds that you can afford to lose when you gamble.
  • Refrain from following your losses.
  • If you’re high on drugs or alcohol, or you’re feeling down, don’t bet or gamble.

The 888starz Company provides a voluntary self-exclusion service, that enables a client to close his account or limit his betting/gambling activity for one of the following periods, for individuals who want to place limitations on their betting or gambling. One week, six months, and a year. Only after the user submits images of the documents proving his ownership of the account is it decided to be closed. 

A blocking request’s evaluation period is limited to 14 days. The customer’s self-exclusion request will be canceled if they don’t submit all the required paperwork within this allotted period.

His/her account will be deactivated as soon as he/she self-excludes and remain that way until the chosen time period has passed. The user will be able to resume using any Services after the self-exclusion period is over. The Company will ultimately decide whether to grant the user’s request to have the restrictions lifted from their account before the self-exclusion period expires.

Contact us if you want to impose constraints on your online behavior. We reserve the right to impose a maximum restriction on a bet amount. You can adjust these restrictions at any time, but changes won’t take effect until 24 hours have passed since the last update.

You must acknowledge that the Company shall have no financial liability and shall not be held otherwise liable if you continue to bet or gamble while using a new Account with our Service under a different name during the self-exclusion period. A customer’s account could be unblocked in rare circumstances prior to the self-exclusion period’s expiration.